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The Study Bible You Have Been Looking For
Many spend a lifetime in a fog of confusion when it comes to Bible teachings. If you are looking for a Bible that solves perplexities and answers the hard questions, then the Restoration Study Bible is for you. This attractive, durable  Bible provides insight and clarity found nowhere else. It is the result of 150 years of in-depth study and scholarship spanning three generations. The Restoration Study Bible goes to the source languages behind the English text to reveal proper meanings.

A Bible with Dozens of Features
In addition to restoring the sacred names Yahweh and Yahshua, this unique Bible includes: in-depth book introductions, thousands of eye-opening study notes, cross references, instructional and archaeological charts, chronological timelines, and an extensive topical reference section. This unique Bible has Strong's numbering for all significant words in the text and Strong's Hebrew and Greek dictionaries at the back so you can confirm meanings yourself. It even has a family record section for recording important life events. It is three books in one – a real value.

The Fourth Edition answers such questions as:
What is the Name of our Father and Son in heaven and why is it important to New
Testament faith?

Did Paul really teach that obedience was no longer necessary?

What was the meaning of Peter's vision in Acts 10?

How did Sodom and Gomorrah suffer eternal fire?

What do the four horsemen of the Apocalypse represent?

What are the major themes of Scripture and how do they relate to the basics of Scripture?

…and many more answers to questions perplexing Bible students.

Specifications of the RSB-4th Edition:


* Three cover choices: Outreach (Paperback), Designer (Imitation Leather), and Premium (Cowhide);
* Ten-point main text (as in standard newspapers and magazines); footnotes are slightly smaller.
* Thumb tab cutouts for quick-and-easy referencing
* Ribbons for place-holding

The Restoration Study Bible will quickly become your Bible of choice for in-depth research and learning. You no longer need to rely only on what "scholars" say – now there is a Bible that has the answers to issues that have troubled Bible students for centuries. It is a library of understanding and knowledge in one volume.

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