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In addition to restoring the sacred names Yahweh and Yahshua, this unique Bible includes: in-depth book introductions, thousands of eye-opening study notes, cross references, instructional and archaeological charts, chronological timelines, and an extensive topical reference section. This unique Bible has Strong's numbering for all significant words in the text and Strong's Hebrew and Greek dictionaries at the back so you can confirm meanings yourself. It even has a family record section for recording important life events. It is three books in one – a real value.

The Designer edition is made of an imitation leather with the Tetragrammaton (Yod Hey Waw Hey) YHWH imprinted on the front cover. This Bible is sure to spark conversation wherever you take it! 

Restoration Study Bible 4th Edition: Designer

  • NO PERSONALIZATION ON BIBLES BEING SENT TO PRISONERS. If personalization is added to a prisoner's order, full order amount will be refunded and the order cancelled.

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